When Is The Best Time To Purchase A New A/C?

If you’ve been needing to replace your air conditioning unit for a while but put it off during the winter months, you may be wondering when the best time of year might be for you to finally go through with the purchase. Is it better to wait until summer, when A/C units might be most available because that’s when they’re needed most? Or is it better to make the purchase when there’s more down time?

The answer is that there are actually several advantages to purchasing an A/C unit during late winter or early spring, long before the peak cooling season starts. So with the Central Texas heat not too far off in the distance, here are some reasons why you might want to make that purchase sooner rather than later.

Professionals Are Not As Booked

Out of all the the months of the year, late winter and early spring tend to be the slowest for most professional A/C contractors, and the same is true for if you’re looking in Central Texas. At this time of year, most of the heating work customers needed during the winter has been completed, and the requests for cooling work haven’t started coming in yet. As a result, this is sort of a down time for most contractors.

This downtime translates into more time that the professionals can spend consulting with you—giving you recommendations and answering any questions you might have. Because there are so many variables and so much expert knowledge involved with a big purchase like this, the more professional consultation you can get, the better.

More Time To Make A Better Decision

Starting your search for a new unit early before cooling season begins will also give you more time to shop around, do research, and make a better purchase. A lot of planning goes into a decision like this, as there are several things you need to consider—the size of the system you need, the most cost-effective unit for your home, and what type of unit will work with your existing home’s structure.

Having ample time to research these things will give you an opportunity to consult with a professional about every aspect of your purchase.

Preseason Discounts Available

Lastly, you may even be able to find a better deal if you look now rather than later. When the orders are slow, many A/C contractors offer preseason discounts, lowering prices to keep business up and give their employees work during slow periods. You can even choose to purchase now and have the installation done later on if it’s more convenient that way.

If you’ve been putting off the purchase of a new A/C unit, start looking now—you’ll be able to make a more informed purchase so you can be ready for the brutal Texas Heat. You can start your search here at AirOne—call us and we’ll be able to give you the professional consultation you need to make the best purchase!


Why Does Your Air Conditioner Freeze Up?

With summer drawing near, one thing for certain is air conditioning units around Central Texas will be running full blast. Some of the unfortunate people experiencing nice, cool A/C in their home will experience a rather unfortunate scenario:

They may be relaxing watching a movie, cleaning the house, or any number of other indoor activities, when they see a leak dripping from the ceiling and a puddle forming below. It’s natural to panic, as that’s never a good sign. What could it be? A leaking shower? Leaky faucet? It could be any number of things! However, there’s often a common culprit: a frozen air conditioner.

There’s a coil, called the evaporator coil, inside the a/c unit that is susceptible to freezing. If the coil freezes, it can be because there isn’t enough refrigerant, or there could be a problem with the airflow.

In either of these scenarios, the unit is unable to transfer heat as it should, so ice begins to form from the built-up condensation. As you’ve probably guessed, this isn’t a good thing, so it’s important to react as soon as possible.

What To Do When The A/C Freezes?

The first step is to shut the whole thing down. Go to the thermostat and switch it to off. People mistakenly think that cranking the heat will melt the ice and get everything running smoothly, but that’s not a good solution.

Be sure that air can flow properly through the system. If you haven’t changed your filters in a while, now’s the time.

Then, give AirOne a call. You’ll want a professional to come look things over for any damage or leaks that may need to be repaired. No matter what is causing the ice buildup, our experienced technicians can help you get it sorted so you can enjoy your air conditioner again. No one likes suffering through Texas heat waves, and the sooner you act, the sooner your home will be comfortable again.

Once again, if your air conditioner freezes or malfunctions in any way, act quickly and call a company you can count on. At AirOne, we pride ourselves on being professional, courteous, and thorough; we want you to count on us!